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Eddie Three Eagle's Journal

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Wednesday, October 29th 2008

5:58 AM

Welcome To Eddie Three Eagles Prayer Circle

  • Name: Eddie Three Eagles
  • Do You Need Prayer?: Always

Hello and Welcome

Thank you for coming here to this quite place to leave a prayer request or a comment.  I welcome people from all walks of life I encourage you all to please leave a message or a prayer request for any and all that you know.

In this day and time it would seem that most all of us are facing some kind of trial in our lives.  The Great Spirit will always see us through what ever it is that we are facing today and in the future. That is the foundation and the promise that I stand onI pray that you have or can get that same kind of assurance of his love and forgiveness.

It is my privledge that the Great Spirit has given me this place and be able to and communicate with so many.  He uses this forum to reach so many at the same time. It is my prayer that it reaches all who are in need of prayer and comfort.   

I urge you to please join me in prayer for our Native brothers and sisters that live on the reservations in this Country.  Iin conditions that are not acceptable.  One Nation Walking has captured my heart and soul. 

I was asked to be on the board was was honored.  I thought I knew and understood the plight of our people on the reservations in the great Country.  But I was wrong. On my first visit I wept about what I was seeing there. 

If there is anything you can do please help. Donations of any kind are accepted we need any and all things.  Anything that you have or can donate to help stomp out the poverty there is greatly needed and appreciated. 

This is the contact information for any donations or questions you might have about this cause.

Urban Turzi ~ Executive Director ~

One Nation Walking Together


Once again thank you..


Eddie Three Eagles


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